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Dimitri Tchesnokov is a French composer with Russian origins born in 1982. He completed his orchestration studies with Guillaume Connesson and since 1999 he entirely devotes himself to composing. He is the author of numerous works for orchestra, chorus, chamber music and solo piano pieces. 


He works closely with world-renowned artists as Nicolas Bacri, Léo Warynski, Lorène de Ratuld, Nicolas Prost, Louis Castelain or the Quatuor Debussy musicians. Throughout his music, the author wishes to make art and refined music open to all public. 

Dimitri Tchesnokov is also the founder of the COMPETITION - FESTIVAL of modern piano repertoire/CONCOURS-FESTIVAL répertoire pianistique moderne, that the specific aim is not only to award the pianists for their technical and musical performance, but above all to highlight their desire to support lesser-known or unknown music as well as giving themthe opportunity to perform these works in public.






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