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Our Logo - The olive as inspiration

From myth into history and from there into art, the olive has come to occupy a dominant place in our lives almost imperceptibly, peacefully...

The aspiration of the soul bestowed by its calm strength has become a hymn and creativity. Since ancient times, this tree has inspired and been immortalised by the works of poets, prose-writers, and artists, who have dedicated to this precious possession lines of poetry, hymns and thought.

The trunk gives impulse to our imagination and spontaneously we see forms getting birth from nowhere. The olive stayed as a vivid memory of my childhood in Cyprus, a source of creativity, truth, simplicity ...   C. Antoniou

To the olive trees

Olives, sacred trees,

You who in the fearful midday heat listen

with care to the sea.

You who hear its mysterious words

in the brightness of the heavenly vault.

Olives, sacred tress, hear the prayer of man,

You, more sacred than the vine,

More sacred than the harvest, tree-symbols,

Scatter the serenity wich you radiate,

Your glorious serenity, scatter it as benefactors

in my heart.

Olives, sacred trees, you, serene garland of the hills,

You who in the boundless blue,

Are so grandly grave

That you suggest to me the thought

Of ancient Pallas Athena.

                                           Gabriele d'Annunzio




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