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Artemis Antoniou was born in Armou, Paphos in 1951. He studied history and archeology in Athens. Artemis has many varied skills in the arts including literature, sculptures and icon painting. The materials he is using are mainly metal, wood and stone of the area. His aim is the direct dialogue with the audience. The subjects of his artworks are directly related to the traditions, but without using the traditional style. He is also using figures of symbolic function.  

He was rewarded for first time in 1976 at the Pan-Hellenic student poetic competition, in 1999 at the international competition of poetry for Greeks of Diaspora and many other prestigious prices - his poetry was translated in French, English, German, Farsi and poems exists in various anthologies.


Artemis is a founding member of the Paphos Poetry and Literature Club and in 1996 he opened his workshop "Armos" in Armou where he has a permanent exhibition of his artworks.


“When I am creative, I feel real emotional excitement... I feel the existence of my sculptures, enslaved in wood and stone and I am fighting to release them and bring with them to light the impressions of my soul.”


Literature of Artemis Antoniou

Traces of experiences (poems) 2018

Sewing Reflections (poems) 2018

PAR LA MAIN ET LES MOTS - Sculptures et poésies 2017

Poramas (poems) 2014

By the hands and the worlds (poems) 2012

Expansion of Facts (a chronicle) 2008

Skylights (poems) 2005

Small Island of Memories (poems) 1996

Touch of Landscapes (poems) 1992

Small Notebook (poems) 1990

Messages (poems) 1987

Rains and Hopes (poems) 1974


He also exposed

2017 In France (UNESCO, Paris) – Artémis Antoniou - “PAR LA MAIN ET LES MOTS” Sculptures et poésies

2009 In France (Paris) – Sculptures

2007 In Norway (Eina) - icons and sculptures

2004 bi-communal exposition with Mustafa Sinasi Tekman at the gallery “En Plo” (Cyprus) giving a message of reconciliation.

Since 1996 he organises also various artistic events at his “workshop Armos”, one of them was with young French’s school Kids (July 2006)

1987 at the municipality center of  Paphos (Cyprus)


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