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Antoniou Arts Project ©


International artistic project, property of the independent French association Arts Spontanés, specializes in live performances around the world for associate artists and creative businesses. We guide and give assistance to our members in order to make a performance successful.


The objective is to discover and experience art emotionally, live performance becomes a place of exploring senses. Seeking to unleash the potential of creating the bondage between the manifest, the artist and the public.


Antoniou arts project © challenges traditional artistic boundaries with questions of what constitutes a live performance; calls upon artists of different fields to make art as an experience to be shared with and completed by the audience.  




- Creating

- Producing

- Booking

- Artists coaching   

- Artistic identity research

- Strategy research

- Funding research

- Administrative and artistic advises

- Audience development

- New media development & creation of new communication tools

- Projects development

- Create immersive experiences 


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