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A musical, human and cultural journey

Would you like to be part of the short film «Passion/Πάθος» ?  

This film is an ode to music, to its power to overcome all obstacles and transform us.   Exploring the theme of passion, we immerse the audience in the daily lives of the artists. You can find more on this ongoing project following the link : 


The project started last year and it’s an initiative of the Festival European Polyphony-Rhodes bringing together artists from different fields and cultures (singers, actors, videographers…). 

To complete this musical adventure, we need your support.

Despite the current situation related to COVID, we would like to unite musicians from all over the world that would like to participate in a new score written especially for the last scene of the movie, by the Greek composer Savvas Karantzias. The score is for a mixed choir and the duration is approximately 4 minutes. 


We would like to join our voices to accomplish this project and send a strong message that music and art can bring us together! By participating in this project, besides our eternal gratitude, your name will appear at the end of the movie (mentioning your city and country) and also you will receive a private link for the first screening of the film.    


We would need an exact number of singers to interpret Savvas Karantzias composition. 40 singers max (10-soprano, 10-alto, 10-tenor and 10-bass). For technical reasons we may only use a part of the recording you will send us.

The deadline to send your recording is the 24th of April.  Please check regularly this page to make sure that there is still a vacant place before you sent your audio (we will use only the first 40 recordings).              


Thank you for taking part in this exciting project, 

Best wishes,

The Festival European Polyphony-Rhodes and Short film Passion team 

Recording Instructions & Conductor Track for Passion

You will need:

  • PC/MAC with a good internal or external microphone (or the latest smartphone)

  • A headphone

  • Follow the written instructions below   

You will find here a few instructions for recording your track:

  • First, make sure your room is as quiet as possible (choose a room with less reverb). Turn off any fans, heaters, or air conditioners (we want only the sound of your voice).

  • No reverb, echo, or other effects, please avoid page turn noise.

  • Don’t try to find your solo voice, try to imagine that you have to be in osmosis with the choir. 

  • You will need your headphone to hear the beat. Keep them ready, but keep them unplugged. 

  • You must first start your recording. 

  • Then push the play button from the passion conductor video: link 

  • And wait for the beep sound coming from the video. (it’s essential that we hear that beep on your track to sync up all of the other tracks)

  • Then plug in your headphones, wait for the countdown; 4, 3 ,2 , one…

  • Count the first beat (4/3/2/1) and then start sing.

  • When you finish your part, count two bars and then stop the recording

Before you send your audio:

Use wetransfer to send it to the following email :


Please make sure:

  • The audio format is converted in .wav or mp4 or .m4a with min 220 kbps quality.  

  • The audio title should read: passion_name_vocal part

Ex.: Passion_Christina_Soprano 1

  • Your message should include:

Your First Name, Surname, your vocal part, City, State, and Country (we will use them for the credits at the end of the short movie passion).

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